Working Group 3

Working Group 3


Circular KPIs framework

The WG3 aims to identify and develop relevant, reliable and replicable circular KPIs that can measure the circularity index of new and existing residential buildings.

The KPIs will be cross-country (COST countries) applied and based on current and best CE practices, CE Action Plans, governmental reports and national/international practices. Additionally, the KPIs will be grouped under Governmental/Institutional, Environmental, Social, Economic, and Technical dimensions to propose developing an international rating framework. Such a framework will act as a complementary and detailed circular assessment of recognised sustainability schemes to support decision making.

  • T3.1. Identification and description of existing criteria that define and evaluate circular strategies implementation in buildings;
  • T3.2. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of current circularity and sustainability assessment tools in buildings, including relevant KPIs;
  • T3.3. Development of a circular KPIs dashboard and identification of complementary potential KPIs for development within the Action’s framework;
  • T3.4. Development of benchmark data set for each partner country relying on their priorities, technical strategies, customs and culture;
  • T3.5. Development of an international system framework – KPI’s selection and prioritisation for new and existing buildings, as well as weighting system proposals (based on benchmark evaluation);
  • T3.6. Assessing the sustainability added value of the developed KPIs and establishing a connection with the common European framework for sustainability Level(s), as well as analysing the integration with other recognised sustainability schemes such as SBTool;
  • T3.7. Setting a structured layout for KPIs integration and automation within BIM environment for circular assessment of BIM models.