Working Group 2

Working Group 2


Circular value chain and stakeholder engagement

This WG works on analysing the full value chain of circular buildings and circular materials and components.

The main aim of this WG is to establish a stakeholder platform where an interdisciplinary dialogue can be held among key players including academia, industry, suppliers, governmental bodies and local authorities, construction professionals and the general public. Participatory dialogue among stakeholders is a key to ensuring a closed-loop value chain management and creating new collaboration patterns and business model ideas addressing individual requirements and shared interests.

  • T2.1. Defining the project’s lifecycle stages and their related decision-making activities in detail for cases of new constructions and refurbishments for existing ones taking into consideration the integrated tasks, inputs, outputs and process chains in between along with the involved stakeholders;
  • T2.2. Analysis of stakeholder relationships throughout the value chain and identification of opportunities for new collaboration patterns;
  • T2.3. Analysis of existing policies in partner countries and identification of legal barriers for circular value chain management;
  • T2.4. Creating methods to map existing building stocks and potential loops based on regional material cadastres and process chain approaches. An illustrative case study in a selected partner country will be developed, in order to localise resources in buildings and facilitate targets to establish connections to potential markets (building activities sites e.g. renovation and rehabilitation sites);
  • T2.5. Identification of possibilities for materials and components recovery without damage by improving strategies of selective deconstruction, materials separation and resource management;
  • T2.6. Identification of new business models opportunities and investigation of their leverage effects to foster circularity together with their ecologic and economic viability;
  • T2.7. Developing and testing a circularity management model for new construction and rehabilitation projects that takes into consideration all stakeholders involved most effectively.